MY-SAFETY-APP 2: Safety, always and everywhere

With MY-SAFETY-APP 2, as a traveler abroad you have everything you need in one app when it comes to your safety and health at your place of residence. The app allows you to reach our multilingual experts around the clock – not only in emergencies, but also when it comes to medical advice. Our experts will tell you the nearest medical facility best suited to your case – worldwide.

After treatment at local medical facilities, you can simply take a picture of the bill with your mobile phone and submit it to us at the touch of a button. We will then promptly take care of reimbursing the costs. The app also tracks your location. This means not only that you always know where you are, but also that in the event of an emergency call, your location data will be automatically transmitted.

Technical aspects

To be able to use the MY-SAFETY-APP 2 emergency call and advice functions, a mobile phone connection must be available at your location. It is also advisable to use a mobile device that is as modern as possible in order to be able to use all the features as intended. Furthermore, you should allow access to all functions proposed to you when starting the app for the first time.

A note on energy consumption: MY-SAFETY-APP 2 requires the activated GPS function of your mobile device to automatically transmit your location to the emergency call center in an emergency. A permanently activated GPS function leads to a slightly faster consumption of battery energy.

Do you require advice?
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