The features of MY-SAFETY-APP 2

Emergency call

If you find yourself in an emergency situation or need urgent medical advice, our experts are available around the clock by telephone via the emergency call function. Our specialists are not only familiar with the conditions at your location, they can also help you immediately with health issues. Please note: When using the emergency call, your location will only be automatically transmitted to the emergency call center if the location transmission is activated.

Important: To test the emergency call, you can dial our test number. You will learn how your mobile device behaves in a real emergency. In an emergency, you should not first have to give the app the access rights it needs to transmit the emergency call.


Advice & help

Help with illness around the clock

Telemedicine - medical live video consultation:
MY-SAFETY-APP 2 offers a 24/7 telemedical service In case of illness, qualified personnel and doctors take care of your health issues around the clock. Make an appointment. In this case you will receive a confirmation of the appointment by e-mail, in which you will also find a link. With this link you can join the live consultation on the agreed date. One of our medical specialists will then advise you live - there is a mutual video and audio connection.

24-hour emergency aid - medical advice:
If you need quick medical advice, our specialists will be available to you via chat around the clock. You can start a medical chat consultation directly via the App.

Please note: The functionality of your MY-SAFETY-APP 2 depends on the tariff of your insurance contract. Some of the features mentioned may not be available in this version of the app.

Insurance advice:
The reimbursement of your doctor's bill has not yet been credited to your account? You are not sure whether a certain treatment is covered by your insurance contract? Or would you like to know whether it is possible to extend your insurance contract after you have finished working for your organization? If you have these or similar questions, simply give us a call!

T +49 2247 9194-31 for questions regarding benefits and reimbursement
T +49 2247 9194-21 for contractual issues AIDWORKER tariff
T +49 2247 9194-41 for contractual issues PROTRIP-WORLD tariff


My documents

With MY-SAFETY-APP 2 document management, you can not only store important documents on your mobile device, simply by taking photographs, but also submit notices of claim (e.g. doctor's bills) directly to us at the touch of a button. This shortens the processing time considerably. In order to avoid queries on our part that would delay reimbursement, you should briefly provide a few details about your claim. Of course, you can also send your documents by email if you wish: claims(at)


My location

Your current location is displayed here. Important: Use the toggle switch to activate or deactivate the GPS. If the GPS is deactivated, the battery of your mobile device will be slightly less stressed, but the automatic location transmission will also be inactive for emergency calls. You will also find the same toggle switch on the emergency call screen.


Country information

Like its predecessor MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT, the new app also displays current hazard warnings for travelers in your country of residence. The messages are color-coded so that you always have a quick overview of the situation in the country. Click on one of the messages to get the complete report. The app shows you which message you have already read (check mark).

You can also display hazard warnings and messages from other countries. MY-SAFETY-APP 2 also shows you general information about your country of residence or another country of your choice.




The feature "location" can also be called up via this menu.


If needed, this is the place to change your personal data.

Other insurances

We present a few insurance solutions, which would be a useful complement to your existing travel insurance.

About the app

Here you will find a feature description and further details around MY-SAFETY-APP 2.


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